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    Having grown up with cars such as the Roarin Rat as my icons it took me a fair while before I took the plunge and bought a Yank. I first dabbled in classics owning several Mk 1 Granada's, an XJ6' and  XJ12 and a Mk4 Zephyr before I went to live in Saudi where I bought a Buick Park Avenue, long past its best I sold this on and got a Pontiac Bonneville, with its 350 this was a lovely car taking my family and I out in great comfort. Upon returning from Saudi I bought a '61 T-Bird, to cut a long story short the pictures tell everything, the moral do everything yourself.........there's some incompetent rip-off merchants out there. On a happier note I've now got my Starchief, which is slowly but surely improving, who knows one day it may be finished. Anyway enjoy the pics, as usual click for a full-size image.

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