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You know you have too much horsepower when;

  1.     your partner is afraid to drive the car

  2.     Children & Household pets hide when you open the garage door.

  3.     you are afraid to drive the car.

  4.     Fuel is delivered to your 45 gallon drums.

  5.     when you drive you look like you're in a centrifuge.

  6.     you arrive before you've set off.

  7.     You wear a fire suit to drive to the shops.

  8.     You spend more on tyres than food.

  9.     You need parachute braking.

  10.     The next size of brake disc is larger than your wheels.

  11.     The glove box is full of earplugs.

  12.     Michael Schumacher waves you past.

  13.     So does Ralph and you're towing a caravan.

  14.     You are afraid to drive the car.

  15.     The police have a picture of your car stuck on their dashboard

  16.     You remove a 1500 stereo to save 2lb in weight.

  17.     You have to buy your petrol from Sellafield.

  18.     Your tuning shop bill is bigger than your mortgage.

  19.     Your tuner names his new shop after you.

  20.     It's impossible to drive in the rain.

  21.     You can't sneak out at peak time, never mind when its quiet.

  22.     You get stopped for 170 in a 30 but the cops will give you a warning if you'll give them a lift home.

  23.     You need a 5 point harness just to keep your organs in place when you boot it.

  24.     Starting up costs 10.

  25.     Your nitrous bill is larger than the towns dentists combined.

  26.     You've been banned from the drag strip for speeding.   

  27.    You mirrors fold in at 175.

  28.    Your battery is bigger than your boot.

If you can think of any more please send them to me.