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  A question owners get asked a lot, well from my experience its the pleasure of owning something with so much style. Pound for pound you cannot buy a better head-turner. I've parked next to a Ferrari and my 57 had the crowd around it, much to the other guys chagrin.

    In the main my family and I have met some real nice people at shows etc, we've also met some real prats but I'm afraid you get that in all walks of life. In the main though the owners are a good helpful bunch who will do everything they can to help. Just ask an owner at a show for advice and I'm sure if they cant help you they'll know someone who can.

    Expensive to run? Well that depends if you get a big blocked car like myself you'll barely see double mpg figures, with small blocks and especially the more modern motors 20+ mpg is possible. If that still worries you the for approximately 850 you can get the car LPG converted, instantly doubling the mpg. As for spares, the internet has opened the door for UK ownership, I got a new old stock window winding mechanism for my 57 in 15 minutes! There is also a good selection of parts and servicing businesses in the U.K.. So what are you waiting for?